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Floata Seafood Restaurant is a unique venue in the historic Chinatown of our beautiful Vancouver. As North America’s largest Chinese restaurant offering 20,000 square feet of dining space that seats 1,000 guests, it is well established for hosting extravagant weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. With the newly renovated dining space, along with the convenience of a 7-floor secured indoor parking lot, Floata has become one of Vancouver’s top venues for hosting a banquet.

Where can you indulge in crispy Peking roasted duck, the iconic anatine dish originating from Beijing that’s now the most famous entrée on Chinese menus? Prepared since the imperial era, it’s now considered one of China’s national foods and an international delicacy. Do you dream of a weekend dim sum brunch featuring 70 authentic Chinese delights? Look no further than historic Chinatown’s brilliant pearl: Floata Seafood Restaurant.

For an authentic Chinese gastronomic experience, the downtown Vancouver restaurant is the choice of discerning dignitaries, conventioneers, and dining enthusiasts who have a taste for the traditional foods of Hong Kong. It has hosted the leading party of China and entertained Canadian prime ministers, Vancouver mayors, and British Columbia royalty. North America’s largest Chinese restaurant offers 20,000 square feet of dining and seats 1,000 guests; its bustling ambience whisks you away to the heart of China for an hour or two’s exhilarating adventure. Sponsor of the Chinese New Year Parade and Chinatown Festival, Floata is the creative force behind community events, where it offers up its award-winning culinary wonders.

The restaurant arrived on the Vancouver scene in 1996 and continues to serve up many surprises that satisfy the most daring palate in traditional Chinese style. Whether catering to dinner for two or a special event for hundreds, the restaurant presents an elegant atmosphere with mouthwatering Chinese fare that is world-class – the popular restaurant has locations in Hong Kong and 20 establishments in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Macau.

婚宴壽酌 社團宴會 全年酒席 歡迎預訂

早茶 8 – 11時 八折優惠
午市 11時後 九折優惠












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